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Bio fertilizers

Agro Plus is a Complete Organic Fertilizer that can be used as a substitute for all inorganic fertilizers. Unlike other organic fertilizers, Agro Plus is pre-processed for immediate bio-availability and hence will give faster result from the plants.


It is derived from composted coir pith, bone meal, wood ash, crushed neem kernels, press mud compost and a protein of animal origin. PP contains THC – 4%, TOM – 50% and TML – 2 Lac CFUs and delivers a C:N ratio of 20:1.


It is a versatile product and finds applications in various fields.

  1. Ideal potting mixture for all nursery needs – plantation crops & ornamental crops
  2. Excellent acclimatizing media for tissue culture saplings
  3. Perfect rooting media for vines – pepper, betel vine etc.
  4. Ideal Media for basal application in Lawn preparation
  5. Apt solution for food grain products like maze, Wheet, Paddy etc..
  6. Best result for the Sugar Cane, Tapioca (Cassava) etc..


  1. Enhances root growth by increasing aeration of the soil
  2. Enhances capacity of soil to hold nutrients
  3. Ensures sustained release of nutrients to the plant by the activity of soil microbes and soil animals
  4. Excellent medium for microbial proliferation
  5. Increases water retention capacity of soil, reducing the irrigation cycle (holds water equivalent to 6 times its weight)
  6. 100 % Eco Friendly, protects the nature without causing any harmful effects on soil & water
  7. Provides complete nutrition to the crops through natural forms of essential nutrients.
  8. Activates soil biologically and restores natural soil fertility. 
  9. Enhances root growth by increasing aeration of the soil.
  10. Enhances capacity of soil to hold nutrients and ensures sustained
  11. Provide protection against extreme heat, physiological disorders
  12. Like stunted growth, chlorosis etc. and some soil borne diseases.
  13. Preserves the ionic balance of the soil.

Pack Sizes : 50 Kg, 25 Kg & 10 Kg Bags


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