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Bio Farming

Once the company driming the production line, the company will execute the own organic plantation project. It wills totally a farming and Plantation Project. The Farming Project is recommended for the Organic Fertiliser Manure and the Biogas Plant. It has the step by step process such as plant the Co3 Grass a minimum of 6months before the Farming as the feed of the Cow and Goat. The Grass has to replant every 3 years. Bio Gas plant is aimed for Fuel solution and Fertiliser as its slurry.

Precision Agriculture system will adopt for the Organic Herbal and agriculture Plantation . It will be divided in to combined sectors for the plants which are grow together, Such as Koovalam with Chittarata or Sathaveri or chittamruth etc..   It has the long term and short term cultivation. The system is giving more importance to the Food grains, fruite plants, vegetables and herbs togther.

Precision farming have the man roll in farming, it  will drive economical farming Organic technology. Fertiliser, water and organic pesticides are distributing each and every plants with a controlled system.  It will save alote of labour and money and ensure the recommended yielding. The potential of precision farming for economical and environmental benifits could be visualized through reduced use of water, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides besides the farm equipments. instead of managing an entire field based uo on some hypothetical average condition, which maynot exist any where in the field, a precision farming approch recognizes site-specific differences with in fields and adjusts management actions accordingly. farmers usuallyuare aware that there filds have variable yields across the landscape. these variations can be traced to management practises, soil properties and environmental characteristics. soil characteristics that affect yields include texture, structure, moisture, organic matter, nutrient status and landscape position. environmental characteristics include weather, weeds, insects and deseases.

Precise application of agricultural inputs based on soil, weather and crop requirement to maximise sustainable productivity, quality and profitability. Today because of increasing input cost and decreasing commodity prices, the farmers are looking for new ways to increase efficiency and cut costs. precision farming technology would be viable alternate to improve profitability and productivity.


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